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Accounting software

Here at Bradshaw Johnson we are fully conversant with many types of top accounting software packages and can offer assistance in both implementing these and training you and your staff on them, the software packages that we work with include:



Based online, Xero offers all of the functionality of other software packages, but is presented in a simple and easy to understand user interface. Xero also integrates with over 500 other third party software packages, giving you the flexibility to use systems that work best for you.


Probably the most well known of all the accounting software packages on the market, Sage can help you to save lots of time & is widely used by companies of all sizes in all industries. With functions such as; being able to reconcile bank feeds to help match payments & receipts fast, Trade internationally with automated exchange rate calculators, Work online in a live environment with your accountant and also access the software on the go with mobile access.


Geared primarily towards small companies, Quickbooks accounting software is a great ‘out of the box’ solution that allows you to; see how you’re doing by viewing real time dashboards, Improve your cashflow by quickly seeing unpaid invoices, reduce manual labour by downloading bank transactions automatically, stay compliant with accurate VAT  tracking for HMRC and also capture expenses on the go so as to avoid losing receipts.


If you need accountancy software for a business that deals with complex supply chains, SAP is the answer. With advanced analytics, supply chain fraud protection, CRM integration and of course all of the features you would expect from bookkeeping software.


With a multitude of software solutions aimed at all kinds of businesses, Iris are a leading supplier of accounting, payroll & HR software packages.


We are happy to provide integration between different types of software and are more than happy to help set up the software in way which will meet your needs. Should we undertake training for you, we are able to provide reasonable support for any ongoing queries that you may have.